A cider-making tradition family

The Gaincerain family has been producing cider since the late XIX century. Our great-grandfather, Jose Antonio started to make it for personal use at his farmhouse. Joakin Gaincerain committed to cider production professionally. Later, Jose Antonio, our father, modernized the process: He expanded the ciderhouse and renovated the machinery, expanding the dining room ... Since 2013, Oihana, Maialen and Jaione Gaincerain represent the fourth generation of Gaincerain cider makers.
Cider Tasting Day 1961
Zelaia-Enea our old farmhouse
Cider Tasting Day in San Sebastian 1986
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Top-quality cider only

Only cider that obtains the official Quality seal is offered in ZELAIA. Only a few Sagardotegi (Cider houses) reach this quality level: Every cider batch is subjected to an official quality control by the Fraisolo laboratory.

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