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Yellow-greenish and red in color, this variety is harvested in the middle of the season. As a curiosity, it is the only variety in which the starch test cannot be carried out to know its state of maturity.


As its name shows, it is a mainly bitter variety and in the plantation it is found in a small proportion.


From the largest trees in the orchard, we annually obtain a large quantity of apples of small or medium size. It is a variety of pronounced bitter and tannic character.


We start the harvest season collecting this variety, a bitter apple that gives a reddish color to the juice.

Narbarte gorria

It is a variety recovered from the town of Narbarte, they are fruitful trees with deep red apples.


It is a balanced apple, which provides bitterness and acidity. It is a resistant variety and it is believed that its name comes from a farm in Astigarraga.

Urtebi handi

From large trees, large fruits. Highly appreciated for its productivity as well as for its output in the cellar.

Urtebi txiki

Acid and bitter variety, it produces clear ciders and we will see its apples sprouting from the trunk of the tree.

The best choice of
organic apples

In 2008 we launched a big project with an aim: create our own apple orchard of autochthoms selected varietes, located at the North of Navarre with atlantic climate and traditionally cider culture. Nowadays it´s a reality, a professional organic orchard, 15 hectares (37 acres) on the slopes of Mendaur mountain, where we can collect the best apples to elaborate our organic cider.